Seeing is believing on Grand Junction real estate or is it? At Epic Escape Game, Grand Junction’s most exciting recreational escape room minds are thrust into chaos. The fun starts off with choosing a scenario. Themes intrigue players presenting them with creative dilemmas. When the challenge begins the clock starts ticking. Groups must find their way to safety before time runs out. Clues float about the scenery and are sometimes obvious and other times not. When the going gets tough teams must work together to save themselves or fail.

Inquiring Minds Living in Grand Junction Challenge Themselves

Sixty minutes marks the time. Clever minds living in Grand Junction are pumped and ready to Think, Solve and Escape. In the Watchman’s Chambers something sinister is happening. Jealous of Father Time, the Watchman snuck off with the magical hourglass. The fate of the world is at stake if the hourglass is not returned quickly. Players are plunged into shadowy darkness in the Abandoned Mine. Unsavory characters have embraced a darker side. Investigators looking for answers find themselves trapped. Their captors seek to destroy and are on their way with evil intent. Will the path out be discovered before disaster strikes? Families enjoy the Missing Manuscript, an easier game and perfect for youngsters or beginners. As the title indicates a manuscript is missing and with the best selling author unexpectedly deceased it’s relocation is in the hands of others. The frantic publisher is on a time crunch as the world eagerly awaits the new novel.

For those already feeling daunted, at least the building is easy to find on Grand Junction real estate at 605 Grand Avenue.  Raise the bar on date nights and family nights or for bridal showers, bachelor parties and family reunions. Success ratios and levels of difficulty are revealed online. Games are designed for players 15 and older but energetic kids over 12 can give it a try with parent participation. Challenge awaits for those who dare to play the game. Are you in?